House Comp 2015

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On Saturday 12th September we’ll be hosting our annual House Comp for skateboarders with its usual mix of insane skating, good old fashioned community spirit, and lots of fried onions. Every year we try to come up with something new to keep you on your toes, and this year’s no different, with our Fastest Trick Challenge for those swift or stupid enough to attempt a flat land trick at warp speed down the park. Timing you will be boy-in-blue for one day only, Officer Morris with his trusty speed gun. Also, this is our first comp to feature the bowl, so expect a mini-jam in there during the event.

But some things never change, including our door fee which has stayed at an austerity-acknowledging £5 this year to enter the comp, skate, or spectate. Doors open at 10am and we try to get the comp underway by midday. Here’s the running order:

12 pm: 12 and Under

1pm: 16 and Under

2.30 pm: Over 16s

3.30pm: Fastest Trick Challenge / Bowl Jam

4.30pm: Pro-skater / Sponsored

Each comp is limited to 30 entrants and it’s first come, first served so get here on time to get your name down if you’re intending to compete.

Sponsors this year are: Death, Landscape, Skateboard Cafe, Primitive, Heroin, Grizzly Grip, Lives and Levels, Fastplant Clothing, SESH, Legacy Skate Store, Slugger, Avit, and Props, so you can rely on there being some decent proddy worth squabbling over. And as always there’s cash prizes for the Pro Comp. See you there!

Holiday opening times

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We will go back to our normal hours on Monday 30th August.

Holiday opening hours

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